The consensus, after searching several blogs and speaking with experts, is that you should use a dolly.  Some also suggest using straps to fasten the fridge to the dolly.  There are certain steps you should take before moving you refrigerator.

– Remove all contents (don’t forget the freezer)

– Unplug the refrigerator and let the freezer defrost

– Remove all shelves and loose items (make sure the doors and power chord are secured)

When moving a fridge, keep it upright as much as much as possible.  This ensures that oil does not seep into the cooling tubes, which can cause permanent damage.  If the fridge has to be laid down avoid laying it on its back because most fridges have coils on the back.  Do not bend the coils.  Also, don’t forget to leave the fridge plugged in for a few hours before using it.  Some fridges require 3 days to reach an optimum temperature (check the manual if possible).  Finally, don’t hesitate to call a professional if you are unsure about moving your refrigerator.