Home Staging is the preparation of a home inside and out for viewing by potential buyers in advance of  its being listing on the real estate market.

The purpose of Home Staging is to bring a home’s best features forward, and assure a favorable presentation.

Staging a home can help potential buyers see themselves in it as their home.  This has value as only about 5% of potential buyers can visualize changes to a home, they can only see what is presented on the visit.

Do I Need to Hire a Home Stager?

It’s wise to get professional advice prior to listing your home on the market.  A real estate agent can be asked for their opinion, and you could ask for recommendations to Home Stagers.  Many will have a consulting service for a walk-through and action plan to provide you with solid suggestions on what to do to ready your home for the market.

Whose Home is it Anyways?

Your home is your home but as you’ll be selling, you’ll need to view your home with new eyes.  Try looking at it as a product-on-the-market as it will be seen by others as their potential new home. As they’ll need to picture themselves living there, you’ll need to depersonalize it.  If they walk into your living room and see your family photos on the mantle and children’s trophy’s, they’ll feel like they’re trespassing or snooping.  Instead, you want them to be comfortable, to see yours as their new home; to say… “Now this is the home for me!”  And then you can get ready to receive those offers!

What Areas Need to Be Staged?

  • Every room in the home
  • Areas needing repair
  • Front and back yards

Can I have a DIY Plan?

Sure! This is some of what you’ll need to get started:

  • Cleaning products
  • Furniture rental (optional)
  • Services for painting, repair, and front & back yard work
  • Our article on Preparing My Home