Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement?

No. However, if written, the applicable lease form of the Régie du logement must be used. In the case of an oral lease, the landlord must give the tenant a form entitled “Mandatory Writing” within 10 days of the agreement. This form is sold at the offices of the Régie du logement and Quebec bookstores; it is not available online.

Types of rental periods, which determine how long you can stay in the apartment:

All types of rental periods are allowed, for example monthly, annual, or with no fixed term.

Is a signed move in/move out condition report required?

No report is required.

May the landlord request a security deposit?

No, collecting deposits is not allowed. Collecting the final month’s rent is not allowed; a landlord may only request the first month’s rent.

May the landlord request key money?

No, it is illegal for a landlord to require key money.

May the landlord request post-dated cheques?

No, it is illegal for a landlord to require post-dated cheques.

May a landlord refuse to rent to a tenant who has pets or smokes?

A landlord may refuse to rent to a tenant who has pets. The landlord cannot refuse to rent because a person smokes, but may prohibit smoking in the building. However, if smoking and pets are allowed in the lease, or the lease does not address these issues, then they are permitted in the rental unit. The tenant should also consult the by-laws of the building they are renting as they may prohibit smoking or pets. The by-laws are considered to form part of the lease and the landlord is bound to give the tenant, before entering into a lease, a copy of the by-laws.