US student moving to Quebec

Legal Work

In order for American citizens and permanent residents to study as an undergraduate student in Quebec, there are two necessary documents to be obtained. The first is a Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec (CAQ), and the second is a Study Permit. The following will detail the individual procedures for applying for the two, respectively.


  • This is applied for in two parts, first online and then through mail. Be sure to plan ahead and check the average processing time for a CAQ, as you cannot secure a Study Permit without a valid CAQ. This should be done several months before your intended arrival at university.
  • The current fee for the application, as of 2012, is \ CAD. This can be paid in several ways, including online by credit card or at a bank and later scanning the fee receipt onto your online application.
  • The first part, the online application, can be found here:
  • After filling out the online application, you will receive a list of supporting documents to be mailed into the Quebec government. These include proof of financial capacity to sustain yourself while living in Quebec, a copy of your driver’s license and passport, and a letter of admissions from the university you will be attending. These documents must be either in French or in English only.
  • Important note: be sure to state and apply for the ENTIRE duration for your stay at university, not just one year.

Study Permit

  • If you are an American citizen or permanent resident, you can apply for your study permit upon arrival at the Canadian border. You will present your CAQ and passport to the customs officer, as well as another form of valid identification. The study permit will be issued on the spot.
  • If you are an American citizen already in Canada and applying for a study permit for the first time, you can find more information on where to obtain a study permit from this website: