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  • packing goods

    How do I pack my belongings?

    Assuming you decided to pack your own belongings, this article will help you with a step-by-step plan to tackle this big step.  Careful planning and packing will save you time, money and potentially a lot of frustration. Step 1 – What stays and what goes? Decide what will move with you and what will stay behind.  There may be items […]

  • Insuring Your Apartment

    Do you need insurance for your apartment? The short answer is yes. Why Get Insurance? Although landlords will have insurance for the property or for liability, as a tenant it is still important to get renters’ insurance. Renters’ insurance will protect all of your personal belongings within your home in the case of theft, a fire or flooding. Depending on […]

  • Getting to Know Your New Neighbourhood

    Whether you are moving to a whole new city or just a new neighborhood, its never easy! The faster you get to know your new neighbourhood, the sooner you will feel at home again. There are a couple of ways you can get to know your new surroundings. Here are some of our favorites! Maps and guidebooks Although you might […]

  • How to Pack Your Bedroom

    When packing up your bedroom for moving day, you want to be certain that everything is handled with the utmost care. These are, after all, your most personal belongings! From your furniture to your clothing to your personal library and everything in between, read on for a step-by-step guide to packing your bedroom goods. What You’ll Need Tape gun (a.k.a. […]

  • Renting in Newfoundland & Labrador

    Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement? No. A verbal agreement is binding; however, a signed written lease form is recommended. Types of rental periods, which determine how long you can stay in the apartment: Week-to-week Month-to-month A fixed term of not less than 6 months and not more than 12 months Is a signed move in/move […]

  • Moving Your Car

    Like most elements of your move, there are a number of different ways to move your car to your new location. Selecting the best option for you will largely depend on how far your move is and how much value you place on your car. To help with your shipping decision, this article presents three options: Drive your car yourself, […]

  • Selecting Your New Apartment

    What are you looking for in your new apartment? When you start your apartment search, you are going to realize that there are hundreds of options on the market. In order to narrow down your search and make your apartment hunt as efficient as possible, there are a couple of factors you should consider before you begin. Thinking about these […]

  • Hot Air Balloons

    Moving from one province to another – What you need to know!

    Moving can be overwhelming, with a seemingly endless list of things to worry about even if you are just going around the block.  Don’t know where to start?  For a handy list of activities and their timing, consult our Scheduler and just follow along. So if you are moving out of the province does that make it even harder? Not […]

  • cancelling newfoundland lease

    Cancelling My Lease in Newfoundland & Labrador

    Leases are a binding contract between a tenant and a landlord and breaking a lease is a breach of this contract. Despite this breach, you may find yourself with a valid reason for needing to break your lease – such as moving to another city. If you are in this situation, we want to help you try to avoid – […]

  • Preparing Home for Selling

    Preparing Your House for the Real Estate Market

    You want to sell your home. You are ready but is your house ready? Here are some step-by-step instructions and tips for ensuring that your house is at its best and more than ready for the real estate market. Clean, Clean, then Clean Some More… People will judge whether or not they want to live in a home primarily by […]