It can be tricky to transport liquids from your old location to your new one, so we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to safely pack them to ensure a smooth, risk-free transition. Be sure to read the tips and warnings at the bottom of the page if you are handling potentially dangerous or toxic liquids, such as bleach or flammables.

What You’ll Need

  • Tape gun (a.k.a. adhesive transfer gun)
  • Permanent marker
  • Adhesive labels or masking tape
  • Blank newsprint sheets
  • Large, transparent plastic bin(s) with proper lid (recommended: a bin with side clasps or rubber suction to avoid spills)


  1. Read the tips and warnings at the bottom of this page before you proceed
  2. Set up a workspace on the floor or on a table
  3. Gather the items listed above


  1. If you are moving in winter and are located in the northern climates where liquid can freeze, we suggest you dispose of or give away all liquids as they will freeze and crack the container causing a mess.
  2. Ensure the safety cap on each bottle is properly in place and use tape to seal it shut.
  3. Place the bottles upright in the container, as close together as possible. Fill the empty spaces in between with crumpled sheets of blank newsprint to avoid excessive movement.
  4. Snap the lid of the bin shut, making sure it is firmly in place.
  5. Apply an adhesive label or strip of masking tape on the top of the box, then identify the contents of the box with your permanent marker (i.e. “Drinks”).

Tips & Warnings

  • Potentially harmful chemical liquids (i.e. bleach, paint, ammonia) should not be moved or shipped. Instead, leave them with a neighbour, friend, or family member or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. Learn about your regional home refuse program and chemical depot protocol, which can usually be located on government Web sites.
  • Check out our article about moving with hazardous materials for more information on the do’s and don’ts of packing potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Always use a plastic bin to carry your safe liquids, as any liquids could easily damage a regular cardboard box, which will in turn damage your other household goods.
  • Make sure your bin is sealed properly before handling. If you have any doubts, tape the sides shut with your tape gun.
  • Line the inside of your bin(s) with garbage bags to contain spills.
  • Minimize the amount of liquids you bring to your new location as most of them can easily be replaced!

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