Your Free Guide to Stressless Moving
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  • keeping home cool

    Keeping your home cool

    If you don’t have air conditioning or if you just want to keep your electricity bill down this summer, here are some ways to battle the heat in your home. Curtains Keeping your curtains closed, especially during mid day hours, keeps the hot sun out and the cool air inside. Make sure that you close them before leaving for work […]

  • Organize Your Move!

    Did you know that moving is often considered the third most stressful event in most people’s lives? When it comes time to move most people feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks they need to coordinate. There are utility company updates, address changes and so many questions: Will the new house require renovations? How much time will I have to […]

  • Renting in Ontario

    Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement? No. However, if the tenancy agreement is not in writing, the tenant must be provided with written notice of the legal name and address of the landlord for the purpose of giving notice or delivering other documents. The landlord must provide the tenant with this information within 21 days after […]

  • Moving Truck

    Moving Estimates – What To Expect

    In addition to the information found in the article, “Choosing The Right Mover”, this article will help you better prepare for obtaining reliable moving estimates. If you have decided to use, or are considering, a professional mover, you should obtain comprehensive written estimates from at least three different moving companies. These estimates will not only be an important factor in […]

  • Packing an ”Open-Me-First” Box

    Packing for a move can be a stressful process, one that can often have you asking, “but where do I start?” An oft-overlooked but vitally important detail, your “Open-Me-First” carton (a carton of basic necessities you’ll need to get settled into your new place), should be on top of your list of priorities before moving day. Here is a step-by-step […]

  • Land Transfer Taxes in Ontario

    Land Transfer Taxes (LTT) are provincial taxes levied on the exchange of real estate, and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Usually the LTT is a percentage of the property value.  All provinces have a land transfer tax except Alberta and Saskatchewan (who instead levy a much smaller fee). Note that Ontario, Toronto, B.C. and PEI there are LTT rebates […]

  • Easy Ways to Save

    Cutting costs is not easy and can be frustrating if you are trying to save up for something special. Maybe you want to put money aside for a trip, school, a big purchase or just create a security blanket in the bank in case of emergency. Regardless of your reason to save, here are some great ways to make it […]

  • unloading moving truck

    Unloading Your Goods from The Moving Truck

    You have now arrived at your new home and are in the home stretch, but you are not done yet. While the process of unloading the moving truck is largely the opposite of loading the truck, a bit of organizing will help make sure your stuff gets off the truck as safely and quickly as it went on. The tips […]

  • Creating a Budget

    Why create budget? It is easy to let spending get out of hand, an extra drink at the bar, splurging on a long weekend get away or indulging in the new iPad that you just don’t need. No one ever said you should count pennies but being smart about your money is always a good thing. Having a budget can […]

  • Cancelling my Lease in Alberta

    Leases are a binding contract between a tenant and a landlord and breaking a lease is a breach of this contract. Despite this breach, you may find yourself with a valid reason for needing to break your lease – such as moving to another city. If you are in this situation, we want to help you try to avoid – […]