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  • Mortgage Loan Insurance

    Is it mandatory? Mortgage loan insurance, also known as mortgage default insurance, is mandatory in Canada if you have a high-ratio mortgage.  In other words, if the down payment on your mortgage is between 5% and 19.99% you will require mortgage loan insurance.  If your down payment is at least 20% mortgage loan insurance is generally not required.  However there […]

  • Land Transfer Taxes in Saskatchewan

    Land Transfer Taxes (LTT) are provincial taxes levied on the exchange of real estate, and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Usually the LTT is a percentage of the property value.  All provinces have a land transfer tax except Alberta and Saskatchewan (who instead levy a much smaller fee). Note that Ontario, Toronto, B.C. and PEI there are LTT rebates […]

  • Getting to Know Your New Neighbourhood

    Whether you are moving to a whole new city or just a new neighborhood, its never easy! The faster you get to know your new neighbourhood, the sooner you will feel at home again. There are a couple of ways you can get to know your new surroundings. Here are some of our favorites! Maps and guidebooks Although you might […]

  • US student moving to Quebec

    Moving from the US to Quebec as an Undergraduate Student

    Legal Work In order for American citizens and permanent residents to study as an undergraduate student in Quebec, there are two necessary documents to be obtained. The first is a Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec (CAQ), and the second is a Study Permit. The following will detail the individual procedures for applying for the two, respectively. CAQ This is applied […]

  • Settling In Advice for the Whole Family

    After the tiring and seemingly never ending list of to-dos, this is the fun part of the move – settling in. The adventure begins now for the whole family –discovering the new neighbourhood and the surprises it will have in store. This article goes over some useful guidance for helping the family settle into your new home. Be prepared to […]

  • Tips For Moving In With a Roommate

    Moving in with someone is a big deal whether they are a best friend, acquaintance, boyfriend or someone completely new! There are some key things to know about your new roommate before you move in that will help things go smoothly and make sure you don’t have any surprises! Communication is Key It is very easy to make assumptions about […]

  • How to Pack your Garage or Tool Shed

    Not sure how to pack your skis, hoses, brooms, and other garage items? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you effectively tackle this important space before moving day. What You’ll Need Tape gun (a.k.a. adhesive transfer gun) Permanent marker 2 or 4 cubic foot cartons Plastic bins (for storing liquids) Wardrobe box (as needed) Preparing Read the tips and warnings […]

  • How To Find & Select a Real Estate Agent

    Are you searching for a new house? Are you unhappy with the real estate agent that you’ve used in the past? Are you moving to a new city and looking for another home?  We have all the tips you will need to help you find and select the real estate agent that is right for you and your needs. Here […]

  • Has your stuff exceeded your space?

    The average home may be bigger, but it seems we have no problem filling it up. Feeling cramped? Starting a renovation? Staging your home? Going away temporarily? It may be time to look into securing storage and the choices have never been better. If you’re looking for some additional room, read on. Assess your needs How much do you have? […]

  • Creating a Budget

    Why create budget? It is easy to let spending get out of hand, an extra drink at the bar, splurging on a long weekend get away or indulging in the new iPad that you just don’t need. No one ever said you should count pennies but being smart about your money is always a good thing. Having a budget can […]