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  • Moving With Children of All Ages

    Moving can be both physically and emotionally stressful on a family. Leaving behind familiar activities, places, and friends can create anxiety for the whole family – kids included.  However, moving can also be exciting – it may be for a better job, a chance to discover new parts of the world, an opportunity to make new friends, etc… This article, […]

  • Renting in Yukon

    Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement? No, it may be written or oral, express or implied. However, where a tenancy agreement in writing is executed by a tenant and delivered to the landlord, the latter shall ensure that a fully executed duplicate original copy of the tenancy agreement is delivered to the tenant within 21 days. […]

  • Exchanging Gifts With Your Roommate

    Whether you have been living with your roommate for a while and are best friends or don’t know each other well at all, you should talk about gift giving! The last thing you want is for one of you to give a gift around the holidays and the other be embarrassingly empty handed. There are a couple of simple things […]

  • Land Transfer Taxes in Ontario

    Land Transfer Taxes (LTT) are provincial taxes levied on the exchange of real estate, and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Usually the LTT is a percentage of the property value.  All provinces have a land transfer tax except Alberta and Saskatchewan (who instead levy a much smaller fee). Note that Ontario, Toronto, B.C. and PEI there are LTT rebates […]

  • Renting in NWT

    Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement? No. A tenancy agreement may be written, verbal or implied, though a written tenancy agreement is recommended.  Most landlords use written agreements. Types of rental periods, which determine how long you can stay in the apartment: Periodic Lease: the rental period can relate to a calendar week, month, or year […]

  • How to Pack your Garage or Tool Shed

    Not sure how to pack your skis, hoses, brooms, and other garage items? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you effectively tackle this important space before moving day. What You’ll Need Tape gun (a.k.a. adhesive transfer gun) Permanent marker 2 or 4 cubic foot cartons Plastic bins (for storing liquids) Wardrobe box (as needed) Preparing Read the tips and warnings […]

  • Moving Truck

    Moving Estimates – What To Expect

    In addition to the information found in the article, “Choosing The Right Mover”, this article will help you better prepare for obtaining reliable moving estimates. If you have decided to use, or are considering, a professional mover, you should obtain comprehensive written estimates from at least three different moving companies. These estimates will not only be an important factor in […]

  • Home Inspections

    When purchasing a resale home, or a new home, you should consider having it inspected by a professional home inspector.  A home inspection is often an important condition of the Offer to Purchase.  If this is the case, a home inspection must take place in order to close the sale. Qualifications of a home inspector In Alberta and British Columbia, […]

  • Renting in Alberta

    Do I need to sign a lease or tenancy agreement? No.  However, if you (the tenant) choose to present a signed agreement to the landlord, he or she must sign it and return it within 21 days.  The 21-day period begins when you sign the agreement, and you may withhold payment until the agreement is signed and returned to you. […]

  • What About Fido?

    You thought about Hydro, but what about Fido? You are on top of your move! Change of addresses sent, utilities notified, truck rented. But what about your furry sidekick? (or scaly, or slippery, or feathered?) By now, you’ve already checked the municipal by-laws, as well as any apartment / condo rules, to ensure your pet will be welcomed in your new home, […]